At Loko Poko we encourage our students to celebrate the diversity that they are a part of. By celebrating different traditions, lifestyles and linguistically diverse backgrounds, we groom them to appreciate the various cultures surrounding them. We have a total of 24 celebrations throughout the year some of which include Diwali, Onam, Christmas, Independence Day, Teachers Day, Sports Day etc. All these events aim at sharing ideals, conserving traditions and generating new trends.

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Our Diwali celebrations are a get together of children, their parents as well as near and dear ones. Everyone enjoys a host of activities such as games, diya making, dance performances and much more. Traditional attire is the dress code for the day. We consider the celebration of Diwali to be an opportunity to teach the children to follow and respect their traditions, the joys of sharing and togetherness.


We at Loko Poko celebrate Onam in a fantastic way. Every class is tasked with the job to make a rangoli of flowers. The best rangoli is awarded with a prize. Children and teachers wear traditional Indian attire to celebrate this day.

Ganesh Chaturthi

At Loko Poko, we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a devotional way. Students are taught about the importance of the day, the traditional style of worship and the offerings that should be made. They are given sweets as souvenirs to take home.

Independence Day

We celebrate The Independence Day by recreating the ambience of the freedom struggle. Students are given a chance to dress as a freedom fighter and recite a few words about what the leader had done for the country. Every child is given the Indian tricolour as a reminder of the strength, courage, peace, truth, fertility and auspiciousness of the country.


At Loko Poko Halloween is a celebration for children as well as their parents. They are requested to come wearing their costumes and participate in the celebration. Each classroom is decorated to look spooky. Classrooms are turned into different stations such as Halloween games, haunted house, etc.

World Peace day

We believe that teaching children to work in harmony from a young age is a great way of making them better human beings. So on World Peace Day, we teach them the importance of working together for the future of the world. Students are taken on a parade carrying boards made by them that have quotes about world peace.

Sports Day

Sports day is conducted to bring out the talent in each child. The spirit of healthy participation is encouraged. Games and prizes are given not only to the winners, but to all participants as well. Also, a fair hosting the sale of handicraft, food and more is arranged. The profit obtained is donated to a local NGO.


On Christmas, the school is decorated with seasonal colours such as red, gold, silver and green. The Christmas tree is decorated with the help of the children. The concept of sharing and receiving is taught during this month to our little ones. The children dress up as per the Christmas colour assigned for the day.

Field Trips

Loko Poko promotes knowledge not only inside the classroom but outside as well. Conducting field trips every month is a structural part of our curriculum. Here are some of the field trips that we arrange –


As per our curriculum, Loko Poko’s first field trip is arranged to our sister school HUS (Hiranandani Upscale School). Students are taken to the main school as part of the first unit syllabus ‘My School and Surroundings’. Here they are given an opportunity to learn about the community they live in, interact with people and much more.

The Farm in ECR

A fun field trip is arranged to the ECR farm where children are taught about farm animals, their uses, how to care for them etc. They get first–hand experience of the feeding process. The students enjoy the bus ride to reach the farm.